Proactive Stewardship and Conservation

Our core values guide Devon’s approach to environmental stewardship: We are committed to preserving the quality of the environment for future generations as we find and produce oil and natural gas.

In practice, this means we’re proactive and action-oriented, incorporating environmental considerations into our activities, decisions and compensation, often going above and beyond what is required by law. We seek and apply economically feasible technologies to improve our environmental performance.

Because of our emphasis on air, land and water stewardship, we’ve established a positive record of performance recognized by our peers and regulators. Reducing emissions has been a long-standing focus at Devon, and we have documented our efforts and results in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change Reports for 14 years.

Our land stewardship practices distinguish our work in environmentally sensitive areas. As an industry leader in water conservation for the past decade, Devon conserves and protects fresh water supplies and reports our progress in the CDP Water Report.

Devon engages with investors, communities and other stakeholders on climate change, water use, seismicity and other environmental issues. We’ll continue to listen and act on concerns to earn our stakeholders’ trust and protect the environment.

We track specific metrics for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water use and disposal, and spills to the environment, and we share them in this report and other public disclosures. We recognize the importance of stakeholder feedback. We’re increasing our transparency in this report to make it easier for stakeholders to track our performance. For more detailed metrics, please refer to our 2017 CDP Climate Change Report and CDP Water Report.

Maude Ramsay

Maude Ramsay

environment & regulatory manager

Maude leads a multi-disciplinary team for Devon Canada focused on air, water, land and regulatory management. “We are coming up with creative and innovative ideas to address the environmental and regulatory risks faced by the energy sector today. I’m inspired by the collaboration across the company to support the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.”

Environmental performance management resources

Devon has a strong commitment to focus on managing our environmental performance. In 2017, we chartered the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Steering Committee to set a strategy and monitor performance on environmental issues, ever mindful of stakeholder concerns.

Taking ownership of environmental performance is an important responsibility of every Devon employee. We expect employees to demonstrate environmental stewardship, be accountable for their actions, plan ahead, participate in environmental programs, recognize positive attitudes and behaviors, and communicate openly.

Devon is a member of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), an alliance of oil sands producers focused on accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance through collaborative actions and innovation. COSIA was launched in 2012 and brings together world-class expertise from industry, government, academia and the wider public to improve measurement, accountability and environmental performance in greenhouse gases, land and water, and environmental monitoring. The intent of COSIA is to accelerate innovation and environmental performance in the oil sands through a continual focus on collaboration and transparent exchange, by setting environmental performance goals and reporting publicly on progress.