Devon’s commitment to being a responsible employer and community member starts and ends with the people who work here.

The Well, Devon’s onsite fitness center, is a welcoming place for employees to get some physical exercise.

We believe that if our employees are healthy and happy, we’ll have a more focused, productive and satisfied workforce, as well as higher retention rates and lower health care costs. To achieve these objectives, we provide generous health care benefits and a comprehensive wellness program with incentives for employees to address their physical, mental and financial well-being. Through our online wellness portal, employees and their spouses can accumulate points for activities such as getting a physical exam, attending a safety meeting or taking a financial fitness assessment. Our U.S. employees who reach 1,000 points annually receive up to $2,500 in contributions to their health savings account. In 2017, 96 percent of Devon employees were registered on the portal (the highest of all the third-party provider’s clients), 84 percent completed their well-being assessment and 79 percent earned at least 1,000 points.

Providing an excellent standard of care

In an effort to prevent health problems, our wellness program promotes healthy living. Our employees can exercise, attend workshops and learn from experts about fitness, nutrition, smoking cessation and other topics at our wellness centers in Oklahoma City, Calgary and in certain field offices. In the U.S., from July 2016 through June 2017, 52 percent of Devon employees received an annual physical exam, up 15 percent from the prior year. More than 1,000 physicals were completed at The Doc, a medical clinic we established for employees and their families near our corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City. Operated by the University of Oklahoma Physicians Group, The Doc provides an excellent standard of care through short wait times and a high level of personal attention for each patient.

More than 1,000 employees had their physical exams done at The Doc.

We also offer weight-loss programs. Of our U.S. employees who participated for at least 12 weeks in 2017, 94 percent lost weight and 65 percent lost at least 5 percent of their initial body weight. These programs contributed to improved biometrics in 2017, including overall decreases in blood glucose, body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure. 

In Canada, Devon’s wellness programs focus on physical activity, nutrition, sleep, mental wellness and other health-related issues. Our Calgary on-site fitness facility enjoys more than 80 percent employee membership, with nearly 60 percent of members using the facility five or more times a month. At the Jackfish Lodge, Devon introduced the Choose Well menu in 2017 to encourage employees and contractors to choose healthy menu items. In addition, 43 percent of Calgary employees and 34 percent of field employees participated in the Blood Pressure Bowl, a day-long event to promote blood pressure awareness. 

Devon is proud to play a role in the improving well-being and health of our employees and their families.

Financial fitness good as gold

We recognize that financial issues also can affect our employees’ sense of well-being. Devon’s financial wellness program assists employees in mastering personal finance issues such as saving for retirement and managing debt. Our U.S. program includes third-party financial assessments and follow-up consultations with experts, access to a third-party website, a dedicated help line for Devon employees and on-site and web-based workshops.

In 2017, 77 percent of employees took advantage of these offerings, and 45 percent of eligible employees completed their financial fitness assessment, up from 38 percent in 2016. About 88 percent of employees who completed the assessment also completed a review call with a third-party consultant, compared to 80 percent in 2016. As a result of this program, our employees’ average financial wellness and retirement readiness has increased from 62 percent in 2015 to 69 percent in 2017. We’re honored that Workforce magazine recognized these efforts and outcomes with its Optimas Award Gold in 2016.

In Canada, we offer financial wellness sessions; this program assists employees in basic to advanced financial planning. Our administration vendor provides online planning tools for our employees’ pension and savings programs, providing them with tools to achieve financial wellness.