Innovation: The search for continuous improvement and/or bold game changers – coupled with quick decision-making – to seize opportunities.

Innovation is integral to ensuring Devon’s competitiveness into 2020 and beyond. Our culture, built on integrity, values, vision and technology, makes us uniquely positioned to embrace change and look at our business differently.

One of the ways we do this is by forming unique partnerships and collaborations that drive us forward. Canada’s Oil Sands Industry Alliance (COSIA) is a prime example of how we are working to drive innovation in our business.

Here are a few COSIA project’s we are working on right now:

Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration: We’re leading a group of energy and forestry companies working collaboratively across tenure and lease boundaries to coordinate habitat restoration and conduct research.

NRG COSIA Carbon Xprize: We’re a part of a global competition offering $20 million to two teams best able to convert CO? emissions into a usable product.

Water Technology Development Centre: We’re a part of the development of a test center that will allow operators to speed the development and implementation of new water treatment technologies.

Acoustic Wildlife Data Research and Development: We’re leading the development of the biggest database in the world of acoustic wildlife data collected by acoustic recording units throughout the northern Alberta oil sands region.